Naive post on love

25 August 2015

I recently ran into an old schoolmate who told me that I was naive, that I believed in fairy tales. “Grow up, Kata,” he said. At first glance I seem like someone who keeps both feet firmly on the ground, but he’d noticed something that I thought was well hidden. Here’s my secret: I’m a […]

Sea Sick

18 August 2015

A picture is worth a thousand words. I am sea sick – I miss the sea. But fortunatelly I have some photos and I am going to share them with you. Enjoy!

Are you a psychopath?

11 August 2015

Before I started to write professionally, I had a job like anyone else, and although I gave it up some time ago, from time to time I still accept a project out of nostalgia. These projects require me to drive a company car, and Polish regulations require that anyone wanting to drive undergo testing. So […]

The Priest Who Refused to Bow Before the Wind (part 2)

4 August 2015

— 5 — The foehn doesn’t just influence people—it affects animals, too. There was a family that lived here two years ago. They arrived from Silesia—Katowice I think. Bronclik was their name. They didn’t live here full-time, they just liked the mountains and the fresh air. From time to time they came by car, packed […]