7 Aspects Of Writing Kata Hates The Most

29 September 2015

I hate my job. And I love it. Our relationship is difficult, much like my relationship with running, especially the treadmill—love it and hate it. Maybe I should get a love/hate tattoo on my knuckles like Robert Mitchum in The Night of the Hunter. Right now I’m in a “hate” phase. Why? There are a […]

Absolute Sunset English Edition is Here

22 September 2015

Have you ever had a nightmare? Have you woken up abruptly in the middle of the night, sweating and terrified by visions of blood, suffering, pain, and death? You get up, your heart pounding. You want to call someone—but it’s midnight. You drink some water. Don’t be a fool, you tell yourself. Calm down. It […]

Kill Me If You Can – Part II

15 September 2015

VI. A few days later Agnieszka gets home from school. She’s afraid to come home, but she knows that the fear will eventually pass. It will pass—she can deal with it. She used to be very afraid, but over time she got used to the fear. It’s like getting into cold water: at the beginning […]

The Cover

11 September 2015

It all started nice and easy. Let me cite a fragment from an e-mail I got from Saul Bottcher at IndieBookLauncher.com, with whom I had the pleasure to work on my cover. Hi Kata, I wanted to ask what your feelings are about the original Polish cover for Absolute Sunset.  Do you like it? I […]

A Thousand Years of Happiness at Tysiąclecie

8 September 2015

We’re closing in on the release date for the English edition of my psychological thriller, Absolute Sunset, and things are getting busy. You’ve had a chance to read the first half of the companion story, “Kill Me If You Can,” you’ll soon get to see the cover design, and you can follow me on Twitter […]

Kill Me if You Can – Part I

1 September 2015

I. Agnieszka is standing on a cliff. It looks like one of the ones on the Baltic sea, in Jastrzębia Góra for example. She feels like she’s level with the sky, which is great. Plus there are fighter planes flying along the line of the horizon—the pilots at one of the naval bases must be […]