7 Favorite Songs

27 October 2015

I don’t listen to music when I’m writing, but I do—and passionately—when I’m running. I love music, and I can even play a little guitar and sometimes sing, so this time I’ve prepared a list of seven of the songs that I like the most. These are songs I associate with important moments in my […]

The Pleasure Equation

20 October 2015

An old friend of mine, who’s known me almost as long as my own mother, recently told me that he got a bad feeling whenever he spent time with me. “I have this feeling when I’m with you—the whole time I feel an overwhelming premonition that something’s going to happen, something strange and unpredictable,” he […]

7 Things That Drive Kata Mad

13 October 2015

My mom is a very mild person, very nice and friendly and open with others. You feel like you’ve known her forever, even if you’ve just met her for the first time. But she has a dark secret. My warm, caring mother uses bad words. She only does it occasionally, and she has a single […]

Botox and Procrastination

6 October 2015

When you’re a writer, there’s one skill you must master above all others: procrastination. What’s procrastination? The definition is straightforward: putting off activities that should be getting your attention, and doing something more pleasant instead. A lot of writers have honed this ability to the point of perfection. In fact, the entire profession encourages procrastination […]