Writer Friends – Seven Curses and Seven Blessings

24 November 2015

A week ago I visited my friend, Bozena Mazalik, who’s also a writer. We first met many years ago at a writing workshop, after which we both decided we still had much to learn. Bozena has always supported me in my journey through the depths of the writing business, and she was the first person […]


17 November 2015

I think my accountant has an awfully hard job keeping my books. Not because I don’t properly document of my expenses or neglect to settle my bills on time—I studied finance and banking at the Warsaw School of Economics and even now I behave pretty much like an accountant (plus my mom was a chief […]

7 places Kata wants to visit

10 November 2015

I travel a lot. My excuse for leaving is always the same: to gather material for a new book. But once I hit the road, how much I work on the book depends on my mood. I often spend my time getting to know new people. I examine them culturally, on different subjects, and my […]

A Cure for Nightmares

3 November 2015

Prophecy is doing extremely well in my family. Although my relatives at first glance seem to have their feet firmly fixed on the ground, in fact they all love stuff which potentially carries information about the future. My family is a family of entrepreneurs–no wonder that they are all most interested in signs foretelling financial […]