Ordinary Life

29 December 2015

Janusz couldn’t see it. She was beautiful, perfect, wonderful—she was everything a man might want. She was talkative, and Janusz was usually silent because he’s sparing with words. She chatted and chatted and it impressed him—she was a bit drunk, after all. She swept her hair out of her face, she laughed, and he looked at her with worship and a certain terror, as if he didn’t understand why she had chosen him. Honestly? I didn’t know why either. Even now I don’t know. I think she and Janusz had been persuaded that it was the thing to do.

My Name Is Raven

22 December 2015

My name is raven. I’m also called suffering. And war and death. Really, I don’t understand why I deserve such negative associations.

Christmas in Poland

15 December 2015

When I used to work in IT, about ten days before Christmas I would prepare a detailed plan of action. A normal person might have a “To Do” list, but for anyone who thinks in ones and zeroes, especially if they’re a scheduling addict, an ordinary list isn’t enough. An IT person can’t approach Christmas in such a spontaneous, disorganized way, especially given that Christmas is a traditional failure period—if a system’s going to cause trouble, it’ll do it at the end of December. Most likely on Christmas Eve.

December Sale

9 December 2015

Want to buy? Do it now! Only $0.99.

If I wasn’t a writer I would be… 7 other jobs I could do

8 December 2015

Last week my post got pretty serious, but I never stay serious for long. Besides, I got some great news last week that brought me back to my usual good mood. But I still remember what I said seven days ago: that I’ll probably switch to lightweight literature. Or maybe even quit writing altogether, since literature doesn’t seem to be as powerful as I’d thought.

Do I like the guys from my books?

1 December 2015

One winter, when I was about seven or eight years old, I found a crow. It wasn’t Hanka’s raven (see Absolute Sunset)—no, no, just an ordinary crow—but what was special about it was that it was frozen. It lay under a cherry tree, as stiff as a board and stone-cold. Apart from that, it looked pretty good.