How To Write a Novel – 7 Easy Steps

26 January 2016

I know pretty well how to write a novel—or at least I know how I do it. I also know a few things about what not to do—I’ve been through three or four major failures, where I used some crazy procedure that didn’t end up working. So I summarized my “dos” and “don’ts,” and concluded that writing a novel requires seven main steps.

7 Key Words and Phrases in Polish

19 January 2016

I decided that today I’m going to teach you some key words and phrases that you’ll absolutely need to know if you plan to visit my country. I’m including pronunciations as well, so that you have an idea how they should sound. And even if you never plan to visit Poland, you can always impress your friends at parties and meetings by breaking out in Polish. So, read on and have fun!

January Giveaway

15 January 2016

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A Little About the Raven

12 January 2016

Ravens are so intelligent that they can use Archimedes’ law to get food out of a water container. If there’s food floating on the surface of the water and the raven can’t reach it, it will throw stones into the container so that the water rises and brings the treat closer.

Kata’s 7 New Year’s Resolutions

5 January 2016

Every January I follow the same procedure with regard to resolutions. First I write down seven goals for the coming year on pieces of paper and throw them into a round grey box that stands on the turquoise table beside my desk. There they mix in with various company: pens, pencils, rubber bands, paper clips, ink, and so on. They’re going to spend a whole year in that box, so good company is a must.