There Are Three Rules

23 February 2016

There are three rules for writing a novel. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are.

Giveaway for Absolute Sunset

19 February 2016

Here comes another giveaway for Absolute Sunset! It is scheduled to open for entries at midnight on Friday, February 19 and end at midnight on Sunday, February 28.

Writer’s Roller Coaster

16 February 2016

I wouldn’t be me, if I were working at a decent pace. Every artist must procrastinate, so do I and am proud of that fact.

Let me sum up my today’s activities, aimed at NOT writing.

Corporate Psychosis

9 February 2016

One short example: some of these tricks are based on placing in your mind words or gestures that are associated with pleasant or unpleasant emotions—the words and gestures are called “anchors.” Whenever you need, you call up the anchor—use the word or make the gesture—and the person who’s been anchored will feel the emotions associated with it. And they’ll behave according to that emotion, no matter what you actually say to them—he or she will follow the feeling, not your verbal message, not the facts. Touching people can also be used to influence the subconscious, as can using specific words and phrases, including “but,” “give it a try,” and “no.”

Kata’s 7 Favorite Polish Cities

2 February 2016

I really have no idea where else I could live in Poland. I’m actually planning to leave the country for a while when I get the chance. I’ll go somewhere with a warm climate—and a sea of course.