Epic Decisions

26 April 2016

Giving up the old and faulty I Can Hear You plot was a good decision. Immediately after this kamikaze step I came up with a brand new idea that of course is derived from the previous concept. Very well! I deserved a nice chocolate praline!

A Bunch of Daft Punks

19 April 2016

How to develop good characters? In this post you’ll find three sections that should help you to be psychopathic enough to do that. Here we go!

Time for Change

12 April 2016

My Polish editor has just finished reading the text (which was not proof-read by me and as raw as the fish I’m going to cook for diner today) and said he wasn’t happy about it. There are numerous reasons for his dissatisfaction, including the plot, the characters, the setting, the scene construction and so on. Overall, the book, in its current shape, is simply unacceptable.

Give Me Time – Part II

5 April 2016

One God accompanying story, part II.

April Giveaway

2 April 2016

Here comes another giveaway for Absolute Sunset! It is scheduled to open for entries at midnight on Friday, April 1 and end at midnight on Sunday, April 10.