HiiT Plotting

31 May 2016

I love sports gear and I love the HiiT (high intensity interval training) approach to workouts: do it fast, go all in, look awesome (I don’t, but they say it’s possible), be happy. Unfortunately, writing a novel isn’t suited to the HiiT approach, with its short intervals of intense activity.

New Illustrations for Laliki

24 May 2016

Laliki are receiving great artwork from one of the most appreciated young artists in Poland. I can hardly express how happy I am to see the vicious creatures from my stories on these beautiful black and white drawings.

Baltic Sea—Our Charming Nightmare

17 May 2016

Why have I decided to visit a place that I’ve referred to as a “nightmare” in the title of this post? Well, you will see. We have a special Polish word, upiorny, more or less meaning nightmarish, lurid, ghastly—but none of these translations is exact, in my opinion. You have to come to the Baltic Sea with me to see what I mean. Let’s go!

The World of Punks

3 May 2016

It doesn’t matter whether you’re writing about twelve-legged spiders who live on Neptune in their own Game-of-Thrones-style drama, about bees raging against hornets, about elves and werewolves, or about humans or dwarves—they all need a place to live, and that place has to be real for the reader. How do you make it real? Don’t worry—it’ll take you about ten minutes to read this post, after which you’ll be an expert on creating worlds.