Get Free Absolute Sunset for Kindle

29 July 2016

On July 31st Absolute Sunset is free for Kindle on

Walking a Tightrope—Seven Deadly Sins of Writing

26 July 2016

Writing is walking a tightrope hanging 200 storeys above the ground: you need to mind every single step—otherwise you’re going to fall down to Amazon’s lowest-ranking hell. And stay there forever, adorned with your one-star reviews.

Naklah (part II)

12 July 2016

Second part of my newest short story Naklah. What is Fryderyk going to do about Naklah? Will he accept the fact he was the chosen one?

I’m on Patreon

10 July 2016

I’m really glad to announce I’ve just joined Patreon (yup, right on my birthday!).