I’m very pleased to announce that after a year of work the first volume of One GodThe Will to Power—is available on Amazon.com.

The main character in One God—Miran Zyelinski—has always dreamed of success on a grand scale, a breakthrough that would change the world and satisfy his own outsized ambitions. He’s determined to achieve his goal, and nothing is going to hold him back—not governments, not the church, and certainly not lesser men. What’s he going to do? He plans to offer mankind immortality.

But it’s not going to be easy. Miran will need wealth, brilliance, and ruthlessness to succeed. Andreas, his lover, can provide wealth, but he insists on being repaid in his own currency, and his price is high. Satia, a talented friend, has the brilliance and ruthlessness to match Miran, but they make for a volatile combination. But even with difficulty and opposition on all sides, Miran isn’t about to waver. The question isn’t so much whether he’ll succeed, but who’ll be left alive when he does.

One God is based on real-world developments in biology and genetics, which I spent a year researching. The story takes a series of unexpected twists, following continuous shifts in power, leading to a tempting, disturbing, and altogether-too-likely vision of the future, where a single corporation gains almost complete control over the world.

You can buy The Will to Power on Amazon.

Want to experience the world of One God before you buy the book?  Read the companion story “Give Me Time” here, and visit a world of comfort and ease, where nobody has to worry or make any decisions…  because everything has already been decided.

The two remaining books in the trilogy are coming soon!  The Last Man will be released on November 18th, and God is Dead will be released on January 6th.


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