Imagine yourself capable of bringing something extraordinary to humankind: a cure for cancer, a pill that might reverse congenital defects, a technology that would alleviate hunger and poverty. No more pain. No more disease. All thanks to you and your incredible mind, able to embrace issues that normally lie beyond human comprehension. Do you feel a surge of pride? This is how Miran, the main character in One God, feels—at least on the surface. This brilliant, creative geneticist comes up with an idea that can make the world a better place for all of us.

But progress has a price. Not just money—there are other sacrifices that must be made, and rules that have to be bent. If you were Miran, how far would you go? At what point would you stop and say enough? It’s hard to give up on a dream when you feel you’re close to success and you’re confident of your own capabilities!

History teaches us a painful lesson—only a few exceptional people can use power wisely. For the rest, power is an intoxicant, and they end up pushing every limit just to see how far they can go. And their glamour and godlike halo blinds everyone else. We tend to follow leaders automatically, trusting that they know better than we do.

One God is a story of bold men and women who fight for their beliefs: Miran, Satia, Andreas, Jan, Will, Jesus, and others. Some are minor deities, others are formidable gods, but all of them struggle to offer humankind the best possible future. The question is, though, who’s going to be left standing when this three-volume battle—between god-like geneticists, the church, tycoons, and politicians—comes to a close.

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