“The wolves miss the woods,” we say here, when speaking of habits that people tend to develop over time, like having a coffee and croissant every morning, or going to the gym every Wednesday. It’s no wonder I spent my last two weeks working for the IT company where I used to be employed once upon a time.

Why did I want to put writing aside for a while? Well, it happens once in a while—a sort of existential crisis mixed with self-doubt. But even so, I couldn’t forget entirely about the novels I’m working on for you, my readers, in part because my workmates were very curious about my new line of work.

We discussed it a lot over lunch, and they came up with several bits of advice for me related to writing and to overcoming the block I was experiencing. The wisdom these IT ninjas came up with is precious, so I decided to share it with you, especially since it helped me get back on track, working on I Can Hear You once again. Enjoy, and let me know if I should ask the developers any questions for you—I know they’ll be glad to answer.



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