Narrative Types: 1 vs. 3

15 August 2017

1st or 3rd? What are the benefits of the options? What are the drawbacks?

What the F… Is Genesis?

1 August 2017

Meet Will Smart, one of my favorite characters in One God Trilogy. Always betting on risky ideas. Stubborn, impulsive, vengeful. And pretty … Smart.

5 Writing Tips From IT Guys

6 June 2017

Idiot-proof books, challenges, short and experimental texts – this is what IT people suggest to write.
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In My Heart

23 May 2017

I carry you in my heart, everywhere, all the time. Every moment of every day, I feel your presence inside me. That’s not all, though. I can smell your hair and your five a.m. coffee.

Graphs and Plots

9 May 2017

How can IT expertise help you graph the plot? Why bother about graphs? Are they scary? See my latest movie to find out!


5 April 2017

My name is Eva and I suffer from depression. It’s not the cool, Hollywood-style depression that you can put on film and make millions of dollars. It’s the real kind.

To Plan Or Not To Plan

22 March 2017

When writers friends meet, one issue always comes up—planning your writing. There are two factions: planners and pantsers.

Now and Then

7 March 2017

Now/then. Two extremes. Young/old. New/used. Light/dark. Spiral/straight. Simple/complex. Two extremes. Zero and one. To have or have not. Freedom/cage.

Dealing With the First Page

21 February 2017

A very short movie with 5 tips on how to deal with the first page of the story. Advice, cool animations, crazy colors and cheerful music. Writing is fun!

Perfect Summer

7 February 2017

Clothes, inflatable pool toys, shoes, buckets, and teddy bears—everything’s everywhere. Candy wrappers and empty bottles. A perfect summer at the seaside.

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