What the F… Is Genesis?

1 August 2017

Meet Will Smart, one of my favorite characters in One God Trilogy. Always betting on risky ideas. Stubborn, impulsive, vengeful. And pretty … Smart.


5 April 2017

My name is Eva and I suffer from depression. It’s not the cool, Hollywood-style depression that you can put on film and make millions of dollars. It’s the real kind.

Now and Then

7 March 2017

Now/then. Two extremes. Young/old. New/used. Light/dark. Spiral/straight. Simple/complex. Two extremes. Zero and one. To have or have not. Freedom/cage.

Perfect Summer

7 February 2017

Clothes, inflatable pool toys, shoes, buckets, and teddy bears—everything’s everywhere. Candy wrappers and empty bottles. A perfect summer at the seaside.

Who Am I?

10 January 2017

Joy, anxiety, excitement, pity, sadness, enthusiasm, fear, pride. Feelings never lie. People say follow your heart, and they’re right, but I didn’t realize how important that was.

Thank You For Blog Tour!

24 December 2016

My blog tour, organized by Enchanted Book Promotions, is now finished. I want to thank all the bloggers who invited me and my book to visit.

Baby, I’m Cold

13 December 2016

Very short story on growing up. Sometimes it’s pretty hard to give up being a child. But is it necessary?
Let me know what you think.

If You Were God-Like…

15 November 2016

Imagine yourself capable of bringing something extraordinary to humankind…

Are You Bold?

1 November 2016

There’s one character, whom I love: Will Smart.

One God Is Here!

21 October 2016

The first volume of One God—The Will to Power—is available on Amazon.com.

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