Thank You For Blog Tour!

24 December 2016

My blog tour, organized by Enchanted Book Promotions, is now finished. I want to thank all the bloggers who invited me and my book to visit.

Two new books today!

16 November 2016

Today I’m releasing two new books!   The second instalment of the One God trilogy is available on Amazon. Faster pace, even more cruel players and surprising shifts of actions—this is what you should really like about the book.     My Polish-speaking readers receive The 9th of July. This sweet book is very different from […]

If You Were God-Like…

15 November 2016

Imagine yourself capable of bringing something extraordinary to humankind…

Fun Facts About One God

19 October 2016

Fun facts about One God (infographics).

Happy Birthday, Absolute Sunset!

22 September 2016

It’s Absolute Sunset’s birthday!

Naklah (part II)

12 July 2016

Second part of my newest short story Naklah. What is Fryderyk going to do about Naklah? Will he accept the fact he was the chosen one?

Get Free Absolute Sunset for Kindle

17 June 2016

From June 17th till June 19th Absolute Sunset is free for Kindle on

How Can a Raven Peck Your Mind to Pieces?

2 June 2016

A messenger delivering dangerous secrets. A symbol of the shadow self, the dark side of the human psyche. And, in our culture, a creature associated with death and gore. Horrifyingly black and deadly intelligent. This is the raven that comes to Hanka—to tear her mind apart.

Absolute Sunset English Edition is Here

22 September 2015

Have you ever had a nightmare? Have you woken up abruptly in the middle of the night, sweating and terrified by visions of blood, suffering, pain, and death? You get up, your heart pounding. You want to call someone—but it’s midnight. You drink some water. Don’t be a fool, you tell yourself. Calm down. It […]

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