If You Were God-Like…

15 November 2016

Imagine yourself capable of bringing something extraordinary to humankind…

How Far Would You Go?

4 October 2016

A striking confirmation of the conclusion I reached in my novel: everyone has a price.

GMOs—A Blessing or a Curse?

20 September 2016

GMOs are money—a whole lot of money.


21 June 2016

Another free short story, this time a little bit different from what I usually write. Enjoy!

Corporate Psychosis

9 February 2016

One short example: some of these tricks are based on placing in your mind words or gestures that are associated with pleasant or unpleasant emotions—the words and gestures are called “anchors.” Whenever you need, you call up the anchor—use the word or make the gesture—and the person who’s been anchored will feel the emotions associated with it. And they’ll behave according to that emotion, no matter what you actually say to them—he or she will follow the feeling, not your verbal message, not the facts. Touching people can also be used to influence the subconscious, as can using specific words and phrases, including “but,” “give it a try,” and “no.”

A Little About the Raven

12 January 2016

Ravens are so intelligent that they can use Archimedes’ law to get food out of a water container. If there’s food floating on the surface of the water and the raven can’t reach it, it will throw stones into the container so that the water rises and brings the treat closer.

A Cure for Nightmares

3 November 2015

Prophecy is doing extremely well in my family. Although my relatives at first glance seem to have their feet firmly fixed on the ground, in fact they all love stuff which potentially carries information about the future. My family is a family of entrepreneurs–no wonder that they are all most interested in signs foretelling financial […]

Are you a psychopath?

11 August 2015

Before I started to write professionally, I had a job like anyone else, and although I gave it up some time ago, from time to time I still accept a project out of nostalgia. These projects require me to drive a company car, and Polish regulations require that anyone wanting to drive undergo testing. So […]