5 Writing Tips From IT Guys

6 June 2017

Idiot-proof books, challenges, short and experimental texts – this is what IT people suggest to write.
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Graphs and Plots

9 May 2017

How can IT expertise help you graph the plot? Why bother about graphs? Are they scary? See my latest movie to find out!

To Plan Or Not To Plan

22 March 2017

When writers friends meet, one issue always comes up—planning your writing. There are two factions: planners and pantsers.

Dealing With the First Page

21 February 2017

A very short movie with 5 tips on how to deal with the first page of the story. Advice, cool animations, crazy colors and cheerful music. Writing is fun!

7 Obvious Signs of Crap Passages In Your Book

24 January 2017

This post is about removing crap from your writing, and identifying crap. You have to do the job yourself, by hand, as it can’t be automated using Word.

Plotting With Excel

3 January 2017

How can Excel boost your creativity?
Watch this short movie to find out.
(animals included)

Walking a Tightrope—Seven Deadly Sins of Writing

26 July 2016

Writing is walking a tightrope hanging 200 storeys above the ground: you need to mind every single step—otherwise you’re going to fall down to Amazon’s lowest-ranking hell. And stay there forever, adorned with your one-star reviews.

HiiT Plotting

31 May 2016

I love sports gear and I love the HiiT (high intensity interval training) approach to workouts: do it fast, go all in, look awesome (I don’t, but they say it’s possible), be happy. Unfortunately, writing a novel isn’t suited to the HiiT approach, with its short intervals of intense activity.

The World of Punks

3 May 2016

It doesn’t matter whether you’re writing about twelve-legged spiders who live on Neptune in their own Game-of-Thrones-style drama, about bees raging against hornets, about elves and werewolves, or about humans or dwarves—they all need a place to live, and that place has to be real for the reader. How do you make it real? Don’t worry—it’ll take you about ten minutes to read this post, after which you’ll be an expert on creating worlds.

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