A Bunch of Daft Punks

19 April 2016

How to develop good characters? In this post you’ll find three sections that should help you to be psychopathic enough to do that. Here we go!

There Are Three Rules

23 February 2016

There are three rules for writing a novel. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are.

How To Write a Novel – 7 Easy Steps

26 January 2016

I know pretty well how to write a novel—or at least I know how I do it. I also know a few things about what not to do—I’ve been through three or four major failures, where I used some crazy procedure that didn’t end up working. So I summarized my “dos” and “don’ts,” and concluded that writing a novel requires seven main steps.

Do I like the guys from my books?

1 December 2015

One winter, when I was about seven or eight years old, I found a crow. It wasn’t Hanka’s raven (see Absolute Sunset)—no, no, just an ordinary crow—but what was special about it was that it was frozen. It lay under a cherry tree, as stiff as a board and stone-cold. Apart from that, it looked pretty good.

Writer Friends – Seven Curses and Seven Blessings

24 November 2015

A week ago I visited my friend, Bozena Mazalik, who’s also a writer. We first met many years ago at a writing workshop, after which we both decided we still had much to learn. Bozena has always supported me in my journey through the depths of the writing business, and she was the first person […]

Botox and Procrastination

6 October 2015

When you’re a writer, there’s one skill you must master above all others: procrastination. What’s procrastination? The definition is straightforward: putting off activities that should be getting your attention, and doing something more pleasant instead. A lot of writers have honed this ability to the point of perfection. In fact, the entire profession encourages procrastination […]

7 Aspects Of Writing Kata Hates The Most

29 September 2015

I hate my job. And I love it. Our relationship is difficult, much like my relationship with running, especially the treadmill—love it and hate it. Maybe I should get a love/hate tattoo on my knuckles like Robert Mitchum in The Night of the Hunter. Right now I’m in a “hate” phase. Why? There are a […]

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