I Can Hear You

Who’s that woman in the Armani jeans? Is she a junkie? An alcoholic? Or just another crazy chick, come here to Hell to get cured?

Daniel’s not sure, but the moment he sees Keziah, he feels like he can hear her—inside his head. What could it mean? Keziah admits she hears him too. Are Daniel and Keziah insane, just trying to impress each other, or… really able to read minds?

This psychological thriller explores the darkest secrets of the residents at the Be Yourself Again clinic: the addicts, the depressed, the schizophrenics… as well as their doctors, who struggle to return their patients to a normal life, while hiding their own problems that may be just as dangerous.

As Daniel and Keziah try to untangle the secrets behind their “ability”, they find themselves in too deep. It’s too late to turn back as uncomfortable truths come to the surface, and all that’s left is to recklessly pursue the answer to one crucial question:

What if it doesn’t pay to be normal again?

Coming in 2017.