Absolute Sunset

Hanka is six. There was a time when she was innocent. A time before the raven visited her dreams.

When the raven came, he showed Hanka a secret. He showed her how each person in her family would die—one by one, violently and alone. But the raven almost made a promise: she can save them. All Hanka has to do is play the raven’s game. Visit her nightmares, again and again, to find the clues the raven has hidden there. Solve his riddles, and change her family’s fate. Just the tiniest nudge at the right time will save them: a phone call, even a single word.

They’ll die if Hanka doesn’t help them. But the answers are there, waiting. And if she can’t solve the riddles, well… who can she blame but herself?

A descent into madness and a collision with fate—for fans of dark psychological thrillers.

“A chilling modern fairy tale … caustic, bleak … wrought with a terrible, fabulist beauty.”
—Kirkus Reviews

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