One God Trilogy

Sometimes, a man has to break the rules to make his mark.

Surrounded by second-class colleagues and trapped in his position, brilliant GMO researcher Miran Zyelinski makes a bold plan to steal his employer’s research and set up shop for himself, but he’ll need help.

Miran’s lover Andreas can fund the operation, but tolerating his sadism will be part of the price. Ice-cold Satia will bring the technical talent, but only if Miran can keep her satisfied—and keep her from killing Andreas.

Miran manipulates them both to get what he needs, but his power play sets off a corporate clash of titans, where hackers, saboteurs, and assassins ply their trades, conspiracies orchestrate every move, and only the strongest can survive.

Just when it looks like Miran has won, a new and much bigger player enters the game…

Based on real-world developments in biology and genetics, One God rolls relentlessly through unexpected twists across three continents, culminating in a twist that will change the global balance of power.

For fans of ruthless corporate thrillers, the series is guaranteed to keep you turning pages as it rushes toward its dark and disturbing conclusion.

Includes The Genesis Files: bonus short fiction, art, and dossiers that complement the main story.

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