The Will To Power

Miran Zyelinski has had enough of ethics and laws getting in the way of progress. Nothing—not governments, not the church, and certainly not lesser men—can hold back Miran’s vision for humankind: immortality.

Miran will need wealth, brilliance, and ruthlessness to achieve his goal.  Andreas can provide wealth, but must be paid in his own currency, and his price is high.  Satia has brilliance and ruthlessness to match Miran, but their mix is volatile.

Opposed on all sides, Miran will not waver from his goal of immortality. The question is not whether he will succeed, but who will be left alive when he does.

Based on real-world developments in biology and genetics, this technothriller rolls relentlessly through unexpected twists and continuous shifts of power, leading to a tempting, disturbing, and altogether-too-likely vision of the future, where one corporation gains almost total control over the world.

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