In My Heart

23 May 2017

I carry you in my heart, everywhere, all the time. Every moment of every day, I feel your presence inside me. That’s not all, though. I can smell your hair and your five a.m. coffee.


5 April 2017

My name is Eva and I suffer from depression. It’s not the cool, Hollywood-style depression that you can put on film and make millions of dollars. It’s the real kind.

Perfect Summer

7 February 2017

Clothes, inflatable pool toys, shoes, buckets, and teddy bears—everything’s everywhere. Candy wrappers and empty bottles. A perfect summer at the seaside.

Who Am I?

10 January 2017

Joy, anxiety, excitement, pity, sadness, enthusiasm, fear, pride. Feelings never lie. People say follow your heart, and they’re right, but I didn’t realize how important that was.

Baby, I’m Cold

13 December 2016

Very short story on growing up. Sometimes it’s pretty hard to give up being a child. But is it necessary?
Let me know what you think.

Naklah (part II)

12 July 2016

Second part of my newest short story Naklah. What is Fryderyk going to do about Naklah? Will he accept the fact he was the chosen one?


21 June 2016

Another free short story, this time a little bit different from what I usually write. Enjoy!

Give Me Time – Part II

5 April 2016

One God accompanying story, part II.

Ordinary Life

29 December 2015

Janusz couldn’t see it. She was beautiful, perfect, wonderful—she was everything a man might want. She was talkative, and Janusz was usually silent because he’s sparing with words. She chatted and chatted and it impressed him—she was a bit drunk, after all. She swept her hair out of her face, she laughed, and he looked at her with worship and a certain terror, as if he didn’t understand why she had chosen him. Honestly? I didn’t know why either. Even now I don’t know. I think she and Janusz had been persuaded that it was the thing to do.

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