Narrative Types: 1 vs. 3

15 August 2017

1st or 3rd? What are the benefits of the options? What are the drawbacks?

5 Writing Tips From IT Guys

6 June 2017

Idiot-proof books, challenges, short and experimental texts – this is what IT people suggest to write.
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Graphs and Plots

9 May 2017

How can IT expertise help you graph the plot? Why bother about graphs? Are they scary? See my latest movie to find out!

Are You Bold?

1 November 2016

There’s one character, whom I love: Will Smart.


17 November 2015

I think my accountant has an awfully hard job keeping my books. Not because I don’t properly document of my expenses or neglect to settle my bills on time—I studied finance and banking at the Warsaw School of Economics and even now I behave pretty much like an accountant (plus my mom was a chief […]